Jojo bar

Jojo bar is located just 100m from town centre, where you will find a nice sunny terrace in a shade od privacy. We offer different cold and warm drinks. Whole bar has WiFi coverega, which is FREE for guests.

Illy Coffee - a journey through the senses

No other beverage has the beneficial effects that espresso coffee has on the mind and body. It enhances lucidity and concentration, stimulates creativity, caresses the senses and evokes myriad sensations and memories.

This is partly thanks to the small amount of caffeine present in espresso, but mostly thanks to its aroma and body. Aroma is the set of fragrances released from the cup and body is the tactile perception of velvet between the tongue and palate.

Each aroma acts on the personal memory, bringing on recollections and associations. Tasting, that is, learning to drink a good espresso consciously, also means re-discovering the flavor of the past and more about yourself and your experience in the world.

Tasting an espresso is, above all, a journey through the senses. And tasting is much more than merely trying, it is recognizing the components and understanding the reasons for the taste. Therefore you enjoy it twice over, broadening the pleasure of this most rich of experience

Taste it in our bar !

Warm drinks

In the cold winter days you can warm up with a cup of tea - choose from our collection of fruit, black or green teas, also with honey or mil . And we didn't forget about HOT CHOCOLATE either.


Great choice of natural juices: appel, orange, apricot, ananas, strawberry, cherry, pear, ....
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